Study trip to England (Melina, 9a)

Our trip started on Sunday morning when our coach took us to the French coast. In Calais, a French port, we got on the ferry to Dover and from there it took about half an hour by coach to Hastings. We arrived in the evening at 6:30 pm. I stayed in a host family with Celine (9a) and Maria (9c). The trip was tiring, so we went to bed after supper. We liked our pretty bedroom that had everything we needed. Our family provided us with very tasty lunch packets on our day trips and we could communicate well with them.

On Monday we had a guided walk through the old town of Hastings and then we had the opportunity to go shopping or enjoy the fine weather on the beach. I thought that the weather was really good.

On Tuesday we wanted to go to London but the trip on the coach took 7 hours due to a traffic jam. When we eventually got off the coach, we walked straight to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. On the way there we were impressed with all the famous sights on the banks of the river Thames. We didn't have time to take many photos. So I looked forward to Thursday because we wanted to go to London again.

On Wednesday we spent all day in Canterbury. First, we had a rally where we had to find nine sights, take photos of them and ask people about their history. At midday we met up with the whole group and presented our findings to the others. Afterwards we went shopping in our free time. I liked this day very much.

On Thursday we went to London again, but that time without problems. First, we visited the Imperial War Museum, then we walked to Big Ben. We were given 90 minutes of free time before we had to get back on the coach for the guided tour of London. The trip was wonderful!

On Friday we first looked around the ruins of Hastings Castle. Then we walked through the smugglers’ caves in one of Hasting’s two hills. In between these activities we could do what we wanted. Finally, we had dinner together at a restaurant. I didn't like the last two sights very much, but the dinner was very delicious. In the evening all of us got on the coach and went back to Bremen.

On Saturday morning we arrived at home. It was an instructive and nice time. I would definitely go on a study trip again.